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It's been a while...

Max Payne 3 is just around the corner - unfortunately whilst I will be undoubtedly playing the game upon release, it is time for me to give up this domain. I no longer have the time to keep updating the site.

Whilst I'm not going to just give away the domain to anyone - I'm open to any offers. webmaster@maxpayne.co.uk

Rockstar's Max Payne 3 Emerges Again
Another magazine has backed up reports that the inevitable third instalment in constipated shooter series, Max Payne, is in development internally at Rockstar.

The latest Xbox World 360 echoes this US mag report, which claims that the shooter has been moved away from original Finnish developer Remedy (which is currently asleep on the job with Alan Wake) and handed to Rockstar Toronto, the studio responsible for The Warriors.

Some fans will take it as bad news that the original daddy isn't at the helm, but with the current Wake situation we reckon they should be glad it's coming at all.

"While Rockstar aren't patently going to be able to bang the game out in time to coincide with Marky Mark Wahlberg's forthcoming cinematic portrayal of New York's most tragic cop, we're guessing they're at least going to ride in on the back of it," says XBW.

The rumour's looking more and more likely to be true then - and with a film coming out, why wouldn't Rockstar pump out a new one? We would.

Take-Two previously confirmed the third game in a conference call back in 2004, stating that "there will be another Max Payne". Though obviously not much has happened since then...

Source: ComputerAndVideoGames.com

maxpayne.co.uk Webmaster - 30th September 2008

Rumour: Max Payne 3 - Cancelled?
The Gamespot website is currently pointing at a "cancelled" status for the third installment of the third person shooter.

Source: Gamespot.

maxpayne.co.uk Webmaster - 21st March 2007

Max Payne - The Movie [Confirmed]
Max Payne is coming to the big screen. According to today's Hollywood Reporter, 20th Century Fox is hooking up with Collision Entertainment to make a film based on the gritty third-person shooter which was released back in 2001.

Source: FilmForce IGN.

maxpayne.co.uk Webmaster

Remedy's New Game at E3 2005!
Remedy, makers of the stylish Max Payne franchise, send word confirming that it will be showing off their next game at E3 next month from ATI's booth, plus announced that they are self funding the title.

After the completion of Max Payne 2, there has been a continuous, active interest towards Remedy's next title from both the press and the gamers. So far the developer has remained silent and kept a strict focus on the pre-production of a new game franchise of their own design.

Source: IGN.

maxpayne.co.uk Webmaster
Yes, we are still here and looking for important news btw ;)

Medal Of Honor: Pacific Assault Review Up!
Made a review a few weeks ago about the upcoming game, MOH: Pacific Assault. Download the demo, its worth taking a look at :)

View the review.

maxpayne.co.uk Webmaster

Newest team for Def Jam Fight for NY
A new team has been created for EA's latest release, Def Jam Fight for NY. This new fighter game features 40 of the biggest Hip Hop artists and celebrities, such as such as Busta Rhymes, Carmen Electra, Ice T, Lil' Kim, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, and many more. By joining the team, you can win a ton of prizes, including up to $400.00 in gift cards, game packs ($150.00 value), and EA and EB gift cards! There are also messageboards, and lots of content about the game and featured artists. Check out the Fight 4 NY Crew at http://www.fight4nycrew.com/.

maxpayne.co.uk Webmaster

absolutemaxpayne.co.uk Is Staying
absolutemaxpayne.co.uk Is staying for all of us :) As I have had forum names, usernames, etc all stating 'absolutemaxpayne.co.uk' I could not possibly abandon the domain name. It will be staying for at least another two years.

maxpayne.co.uk Webmaster

absolutemaxpayne.co.uk Possibly Coming Down
Due to the change to maxpayne.co.uk, I no longer feel the need to keep the absolutemaxpayne.co.uk domain, but it may stay depending on stats over the next month or so.

Please update your bookmarks to maxpayne.co.uk.

maxpayne.co.uk Webmaster
Breaking News! - Max Payne III Announced!
Despite critical acclaim, the sequel to Rockstar's popular graphic-novel-inspired shooter barely broke NPD's top 10 best-selling PC games. In February, Jeffrey L. Lapin, CEO of Rockstar parent Take-Two Interactive, went so far as to blame the publisher's lower-than-expected Q4 2003 earnings on Max Payne 2's lackluster sales.

Today, in Palm Beach, Florida, Lapin echoed those statements. "Max Payne [2] came out in November and did not do as well as we thought," he said. "In fact, it did fairly poorly compared to our expectations."

However, Lapin surprised some by confirming Take-Two's intent to make Max Payne 3. "There'll be another Max Payne," he said in a presentation at the 17th Annual Bear Stearns Media, Entertainment and Information Conference. "I think we'll take a few years to make the next one that much more spectacular is what we have to do. But it's clearly a brand that everybody knows."

The long wait begins...

News Source: GameSpot

Deep Six Are Hiring Again!
The Deep Six have suffered some MIA's and KIA's over the last months and so they are making 4 new positions available for the taking if you have what it takes: 2 content writing & 2 news posting positions. You can read up on the actual requirements/responsibilities for each position and some detailed information at the page below.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Deep Six

Merry Christmas!
I'm taking this opportunity to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!
Bring on 2004!

Wonder what suprises Take2 have for us regarding Max Payne III?...

maxpayne.co.uk Webmaster
Max Payne II Demo!
The Max Payne II Demo is now avaialbe to download. It weighs in at 245MB and contains the first two and a half levels.


Technical Interview With Markus Maki
Here is a preview:

"Max Payne 2 is a DX8.1 game although it requires the DX9 runtime (why is that, btw?). Was DX9 (hardware and API) made known to your Remedy partners when concept for this game started? If yes, why go with DX8.1? Too far down the development path already? Didn't envisage the quick take-up of DX9 hardware?

The project started as a content-only project, and we didn't originally plan on taking the technology nearly as far as we
took it in the end. Max2 requires the DX9 runtime, since it would be almost double effort doing the quality assurance on both DX8.1 and DX9."

Full Interview.
Max Payne II Version 1.01 Patch Released!
The first Max Payne II patch has been released.
The patch addresses the following issues:

  • Fixed game crashing to "Exception: Bad Allocation" on Windows 98/Me during loading of certain levels. This may
        potentially fix other crashes as well.
  • Improved loading times on low-end computers.
  • Improved Technical Support Tool to include CD-ROM Model.
Download Here. (Mirror).
Looking For a Job? Search no Further!
Yes that's right, the fine machinery at the heart of the Deep Six Installation could use some promising new material as yourself.
If you have ever dreamed on joining the most frequently updated and content featuring Max Payne fansite around, with close ties to Remedy, 2+ years of experience, full backing from the biggest gaming network in the planet and right before the most active period in the scene ever since Max Payne 1 was released, now is that time!
Deep Six is hiring guys, hiring like mad. We are opening up a whooping 6 new positions: 3 news posters and 3 content writers. So what is in for you? Perks include your own fancy @3dactionplanet.com so you can brag to your friends and your own individual weblog so that you can take part in that amazing thing we call freedom of speech. You will get to join a talented, highly active and strongly motivated team and will be able to use the overhauled website design we are just about to premier. However, not everybody is fit for joining our ranks so to find out the specific requirements of the job and more information on what it entails, I strongly suggest you to give our jobs page a good read.
If you are interested, please drop me a line to aavenr@3dactionplanet.com and detail me how you satisfy those requirements. Have a nice day.

Deep Six
Max Payne II Full Trailer Available To Download
Whey! The full trailer is free for us to download!
If you dont watch any of the Max Payne II gameplay clips, then you MUST see this at least!
I'll say no more. Go to the Max Payne II movies/video clips section to download.

Update: The three new Max Payne II gameplay clips have also been added.

Max Payne II Recommended Specifications Announced
1.4GHz Athlon or 1.7 Ghz Pentium 4, Celeron or Duron Processor
64MB AGP Graphics Card With Hardware Transform & Lighting Support
1.5GB Hard Drive Space
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
DirectX 9.0
DirectSound Compatible Sound Card
Keyboard And Mouse

There, not too bad were they :)

Max Payne 2 Set For
October 24th!
The U.K Max Payne Community finally has a date for their calenders! October 24th is the offical U.K release date.
The U.S has set a release date for October 15th, so if you are dying to play Max II, order it from the States, you may get it a few days earlier than you would have done in the U.K, but you will have to pay about 35 instead of 25 :)

Max Payne
Max Payne II Gone Gold!
Its finally happened. Today on the 6th October at 01:57 PM, MikaRMD announced that Max Payne II has finally gone gold and is currently in manufacturing.

I'm sure we can expect a great game from the guys over at Remedy. Congrats.

Max Payne
Random Facts: Max Payne II...
...will support 6.1 surround sound.
...will require a minimum of a 1GHz processor.
...will see the return of Vinnie Gognitti.
...will have a storyline 3/4 times longer than Max 1.
...will need a 32MB AGP Card (minimum) to run.
More Max Payne II Media!
Three new movies and four new screenshots have been released.
Expect to see them on AMP.co.uk within a few days, along with the official recommended computer specifications.
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